Traveling with Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea San Ramon


One of the most important things you can remember to take with you this vacation season is a peaceful sleep! Wherever you’re traveling, your sleep apnea will likely not be bashful about tagging along for the trip. By taking a few small steps to keep your sleep apnea at bay while you’re on the go, you can ensure a restful and rejuvenating vacation for you and your loved ones this summer season!


         Don’t be bashful about bringing along any equipment or devices that you use regularly to treat your sleep apnea. Sharing a hotel room with loved ones can quickly become an issue for all parties involved if your sleep apnea rears its ugly head just as everyone is falling peacefully asleep. Always check ahead of time to understand in which locations your equipment and power sources will function properly.


        Give yourself extra time to get through airport security if you’re traveling with carry-on sleep-apnea equipment, and read the rules and regulations for all various airlines you might be taking on your excursion so that you’re well prepared for the size and weight limits allowed on your flight. Most sleep apnea equipment, like a CPAP machine, should be considered carry-on “luggage,” as your equipment could become damaged in checked baggage.


        Have a backup plan in case something irregular occurs with your equipment or your travel plans. Maybe you lost your mouth piece, maybe you don’t have means to a power inverter- regardless of the situation, if you’ve prepared in advance by talking to your San Ramon dentist Dr. Fillet, you can ensure a peaceful vacation in the face of your sleep apnea by taking measures like bringing along a prescription and having it handy, or bringing back-up oral therapies in case something does go awry.  


        Don’t forget that even and especially when you’re on vacation, a good night’s sleep should be a priority every night! It’s easy to consider sacrificing sleep to make time for other activities while you’re on vacation, but by getting a good night’s sleep every night, you can wake up ready to have your best day, every day!


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