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Springtime means we get to enjoy longer days, blooming flowers, and sunshine! But San Ramon TMJ specialist Dr. Fillet knows for some it could also mean a TMJ flare up.

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, and flare ups can be painful and debilitating, causing headaches, dizziness, buzzing in your ears or even hearing loss.

Other systems of a TMJ disorder can be: constant facial pain, stiff and clicking jaw movements, earaches, headaches, pain biting or chewing, sore muscles in your upper body, or and abnormal bite.

Your San Ramon TMJ specialist Dr. Fillet helps his patients learn how to manage their symptoms and live comfortably year round by knowing how to spot potential stressors.

And a big factor that can exacerbate an existing TMJ disorder is – stress. Springtime can bring on some surprising stressors that could contribute to a TMJ flare up.

Common springtime stressors are things like doing your taxes or other financial duties, school exams, a child’s graduation or moving away to college, even spring cleaning or other home renovations.

Although TMJ is a disorder in the jaw, the symptoms of the disorder often carry into many other parts of the body.

TMJ symptoms can lead professionals to misdiagnose patients, as these symptoms can often imitate those of other disorders in their range and complexity.

San Ramon TMJ expert Dr. San Ramon has years of hands on experience and training in diagnosing and treating TMJ, and wants to help relieve both your worries and your pain.

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