San Ramon Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea San Ramon

Sleep apnea not only prevents you from getting the sleep you need to be energetic and productive, it can contribute to the more serious complications later on such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, and ED. San Ramon Dentist Dr. Fillet can help you remember what it’s like to get a full night of restful sleep with non-invasive alternatives to CPAP devices or surgery. Find out more about how our sleep apnea solutions can help you sleep better, live longer and restore the energy that has been missing from your life.


Snoring can disrupt your sleep as well as affect the people around you. Many people simply accept that snoring as part of their life and expect friends and family to accept it as well. The reality is that snoring is a strong indicator of a more serious problem, sleep apnea. Snoring can also be prevented and treated, which will improve the snorer’s health as well as allow those nearby to sleep better with fewer interruptions. Maybe the biggest benefit we can provide is allowing our patients to again be able to sleep with their loved ones. As one patient recently shared with us, “I honestly believe you guys helped to save my marriage!”

Contact our San Ramon office today to schedule your next appointment! Dr. Paul Fillet and his team are committed to providing patients with comprehensive, personalized care that puts their comfort first each and every time they come in for treatment. Let us give you something to smile about!

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