San Ramon Dental Team

We have a wonderful team that has been working with Dr. Fillet for many years. With Dr. Fillet’s leadership they have kept the passion of practicing Dentistry with the patient comfort and needs as a primary focus.

We are dedicated to providing patients with an atmosphere of maximum comfort and caring. Our emphasis is on the appearance, longevity and function of your teeth.

  • Very hip, chic and cool folks at this dental office. Great with all ages. Cosmetic and correctional solutions. In my youth Dr. Fillet was always trying to set me up with UOP Dental School grads, bless his heart.

    Lafayette, CA
  • Dr. Paul Fillet has been my dentist for over 25 years and I recommend him very highly. One of his biggest draws, as far as I’m concerned, is his extreme sensitivity to his patient’s pain. Although SOME discomfort is unavoidable, he is remarkably gifted at making me as comfortable as possible.

    Susan L
    San Ramon, CA
  • Dr. Fillet made room in his appointment schedule when I discovered (and informed the office) that I thought I had a cracked molar. He took care of the problem with quickly and with no discomfort to me. He also made sure that I was aware of the different treatments to remedy the problem.

    San Ramon
  • Dr Fillet really made me feel comfortable and calmed my fears of getting my wisdom tooth removed. He followed up day after the procedure and made me feel like he was a family friend checking in.

    San Ramon